Driving research and technologies to the limits to reach a net-zero emission, now.

About us
At Heritage Energies, we are specialised in waste sorting, chemical recycling and energy conversion of residual waste. As part of our mission to provide sustainable solutions to the constant growing energy demand, we sat up a research team for green hydrogen production and green hydrogen-based co-generation equipment for industry and energy markets.

Decarbonization is a must if we want to reduce effectively air pollution and combat climate change.

Our objective is to provide alternative sustainable solutions for emissions-intensive industries to reduce their emission levels, while having access to affordable clean energy for their operations.
At Heritage Energies, 50 highly skilled engineers, with several decades of combined experience, provide insight and unmatchable know-how for realisation of our clients' projects
Waste gasification and Green hydrogen are essential alternative energetic solutions to achieve net zero targets set out in the Paris Agreement.
Why Choosing Heritage Energies?

With dramatic climate change and pollution levels, it is time to move away from fossil fuels. Tackling these challenges, accepting to change will offer new opportunities and new needs from communities and across all industrial sectors. At Heritage Energies, we want to be part of the solutions for a cleaner world.

75% of CO2 emission in Europe come out of energy production
European manufacturers cause ca. 880 million tons of CO2 emissions
Lower cost, customer service minded and greater value
Unlocking Value: Waste recovery and recycling, microgrids, stand-alone co-generation systems with low to no-carbon, no greenhouse gas emissions
Innovation & Sustainability
At Heritage Energies, we research, design, manufacture, install, operate, and service recycling lines and modular, embedded fuel cell power plants for on-site microgrid power generation.
Heritage Energies offers scalable, on-site green hydrogen solutions to industrial clients, hotel resorts, remotely located communities among others.
Greater efficiency in the recovery and recycling of materials, coupled with cleaner energy solutions, is a necessity for a sustainable future. Researching and delivering technologies to address environmental damage requires knowledge, experience, creativity and a long-term commitment.

At Heritage Energies we have the technical teams and vision to innovate in the field of critical materials recycling and low carbon energy production.
Environment, Society and Good Governance (ESG)
At Heritage Energies, we are focused on constantly improving our operations and management systems in line with external requirements and best practices in the field.
At Heritage Energies, contributing to decarbonising the waste management and energy sector by providing sustainable solutions in order to protect our environment, this is our mission, now and tomorrow
A thorough environmental impact assessment process is applied to any of our projects, as we deeply commit to being climate-neutral.
The Solutions
Sustainable, deep material recovery and recycling solutions
Recovery & recycling solutions: We are an innovation driven, recycling operator, focused on sustainable waste management. Our group has developed several technological processes to ensure tailored solutions for the requirements of our customers and communities.
Waste is not waste, almost everything may get recycled. We research, innovate continuously to give a new purpose to waste materials such as metal, paper plastic, glass; Our processes are fully compliant with EU regulatory requirements.
Our core business is deep recycling; we have the best approach and results in the sector. For residual items that can’t be further recycled, we convert it into clean energy, heat and electricity, through high-temperature gasification.
Finally, of the initial waste and volume, 5% only remains in the form of inert ash which are disposed of to cement factories or construction companies for use in their processing.
These are the types of waste we recycle and recover
The materials we recover
Ferrous metals
Non-ferrous metals
Batteries and waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)
Ferrous metals
Non-ferrous metals
Batteries and waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)
Solid Recovered Fuel/ Residual Derived Fuel
SRF or RDF, composed of dry, non-hazardous waste, is a high-calorific alternative solid fuel for the production of heat and electricity in cogeneration systems. It is a low carbon fuel as it avoids the production of methane if the waste were to be landfilled. For every tonne of RDF diverted from landfill, over 60 tonnes of methane emissions are avoided.
For each ton of SRF/RDF diverted from landfills, more than 60 tons of methane emission are avoided.
Green, Alternative Energy Solutions
At Heritage Energies, we provide off-grid, on-demand power solutions with low-cost, readily available green and renewable feedstocks.

Our integrated, modular power plants produce clean, sustainable electricity, usable waste heat, water and hydrogen. We use two main methods in our combined heat and power solutions:
Cogeneration solution based on residual waste gasification with microturbine. We provide a low emission solution for projects with a minimum waste processing capacity of 50-ton per day offering 500kW of power capacity per hour, and a maximum waste processing capacity of 800-ton per day feeding a 20MW power generation system approximately.
Green hydrogen will ensure about 20% avoidance of global CO2 emissions; Green Hydrogen consumption will represent around 10% of the global energy mix by 2050 (in a net-zero scenario) from almost non-existence today." The overall demand for hydrogen was estimated to be at 87 million metric tons in 2020, and is expected to grow to 600–650 million MT by 2050. From 2020 to 2021, the hydrogen production market was valued at $130 billion and is expected to grow up to 9% per year until 2030. But there’s a catch: 5% of current hydrogen production is actually “green”. Heritage Energies is about to change this trend and ensure that green hydrogen would soon provide at least 50% of hydrogen production level.
Service & Training
At Heritage Energies, we provide engineering, procurement and construction services, project finance services, preventive maintenance services, parts and supplies, on-site training, and technical services in the areas of plant operation and performance, and fuel processing.
Business/ B2B
Your industrial processes and production needs can be met with our solutions for low-cost energy and raw materials. Do not hesitate to contact us.
We have a dedicated team of engineers, with years of proven expertise in the field, for project implementation, training and maintenance programmes, as well as advising our clients and communities.
Reclaiming land at landfills
Heritage Energies team has a proven track record in 'mining' old sites, recovering waste materials and turning them into recycled materials or sustainable clean energy.
The extraction of waste from old or active landfills eliminates highly toxic emissions, soil and water contamination. The extraction of waste from old or active landfills is fully compliant with recent regulations to significantly reduce methane emissions and soil and water pollution.
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